Singles & Downloads - 6th October 2010

Singles & Downloads - 6th October 2010

Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers - Can’t Stop

What fresh hell is this? Eardrum-abusing punky indie duo The Ting Tings, as mixed by chart-dance hitmaker Calvin Harris? A ● and a big sloppy raspberry too to ‘Hands’ (Columbia), which is very soon to be a dancefloor anthem at a cheesy provincial discothèque near you.

On a more positive note, it’s a strong showing from the locals, who fill the bulk of the singles bag this fortnight. Glasgow-side, delicate, gently-flickering ballad ‘The Moth and the Moon’ (Lo-Five) ●●● marks a long-awaited return for solo folkie Jo Mango after several years on the road with Vashti Bunyan, while Mitchell Museum’s ‘Tiger Heartbeat’ (Electra French) ●●●● is an utterly infectious dollop of goofy, fuzzy alt-rock, Flaming Lips-style.

Fun and frothy indie with one eye on the pop charts is the sound of this latest from Come on Gang! with their zippy free download number ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ (White Label, download from ●●●● and Cancel the Astronauts, whose ‘Funny For a Girl’ EP (Riley) ●●● bubbles with speedy four-to-the-floor beats and bright, primary-coloured synth-lines.

It’s back west for Single of the Fortnight, which goes to the flip-side of the maiden split-release from a new Glasgow indie label run by members of ‘dirty surf’ quintet She’S HiT, RE:PEATER Records. She’S HiT’s own ‘RE:PEATER’ ●●●● (see what they did there?) is a blast of raw, trashy post-punk in honest thrall to The Fall. It’s great, but dastardly Maryhill rhythm’n’bluesmen Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers’ ‘Can’t Stop’ ●●●●● is even better – all tumbling drums, twangy chords and plonking piano from the ex-Uncle John and Whitelock boys. They call it ‘doom-wop’, and who are we to argue?

<a href="">The Moth and The Moon by Jo Mango</a>

<a href="">Funny For A Girl by Cancel The Astronauts</a>

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