Glasgow-set Lip Service may have more than just homophobes turning it off

Glasgow-set Lip Service may have more than just homophobes turning it off

Is new BBC3 drama just The L Word with rain?

A recent poll by the BBC found that one in five people felt ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘very uncomfortable’ with gay people having their stories told on television. A mere 16 years after the ‘Brookside kiss’, such a stat can either be read as slow progress or history finally catching up on the dinosaurs. The latter lot, then, will be apoplectic with impotent rage over the Glasgow-set Lip Service (BBC3, Tue 12 Oct, 10.30pm), as an everyday bunch of architects, rock photographers, daytime TV presenters, police officers and unemployed actors scroll through gaymate websites, trawl the bars and break into an ex-lover’s flat to retrieve a red dress. Within the cast are Laura Fraser, Ruta Gedmintas (The Tudors) and Roxanne McKee (Hollyoaks) with the pre-publicity machine having been artificially cranked up with a BBC ‘insider’ telling the News of the World about the ‘fury’ which has been unleashed within the corridors of power.

So, is it The L Word with rain? Or Mistresses with tattoos? Maybe Queer as Folk with Weegies instead of Mancs? Certainly, Gedmintas’ struttingly selfish, sexually ravenous Frankie brings Aidan Gillen’s Stuart immediately to mind, as she grieves for her dead aunt by pummelling the funeral parlour receptionist to orgasm yards away from a recently embalmed corpse (how terribly Six Feet Under). The opening episode has some equally stiff acting and dialogue but time will tell whether we can be bothered to care about this group of smug irritants. But it better do it quicksharp or it won’t just be the swathe of homophobes that will be turning off.

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