Adam Pierce's Mice Parade bring post rock inventiveness to Glasgow

Adam Pierce's Mice Parade bring post rock inventiveness to Glasgow

New York multi-instrumentalist takes live band on UK tour

Adam Pierce is the Richard Whiteley of rock. The New Yorker is an anagram buff (Mice Parade, see?) who moonlights with palindromic musicians (múm) and bedecks his work with cryptic clues (his gladdening troupe’s new album is entitled What It Means To Be Left-Handed). When pressed for elaboration, however, the congenial Pierce is coy.

What does it mean to be left-handed? ‘You know, I don’t really want to… I don’t have a super-valid answer for that question,’ he admits on the eve of a US and European tour. May we speculate, in that case? ‘Oh yeah, speculate as much as you want! It’s got something to do with chaos…’

Mice Parade’s beatific electro and laidback tropical indie-pop might not conjure an urgent sense of bedlam but that’s clearly a condition to which multi-instrumentalist Pierce is attracted. For What It Means…, his eighth long-player, he claims to have dispensed with any recording objectives or prerequisites, in a bid to recapture the nascent – and more liberated – Mice Parade creative process.

In other words, he decided to wing it. Was he surprised with the results? ‘Yeah, very much so,’ he admits. ‘It very surprising – and it was fun. I liked not having a plan in the beginning. It’s much more chaotic that way.’ What particularly struck him when he listened to the finished product? ‘I think it sounded happy.’ He’s not wrong. ‘I really liked the happiness,’ he says.

Pierce will be bringing his [West African-style] Highlife-inflected percussive pop exotica to Glasgow – replete with a colourful backing band that Pierce thinks will ‘probably’ comprise, ‘two drumkits, although one of them’s only partially used, plus three guitars, some keyboards and some singing and stuff. There’ll maybe be some other bits and bobs here and there.’

Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 8 Oct.

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