Still Flyin' (4 stars)

Still Flyin'

Captains Rest, Glasgow, Tue 28 Sep 2010

There’s more than a whiff of something very uncool about this Moshi Moshi-signed, self-styled ‘hammjamm’ (no, we’re not sure what that means either) San Francisco-based party band, the life and soul of which is singer and songwriter Sean Rawls. But that just makes them all the more loveable.

There was perhaps just 20 people in the Captains Rest – which is only five less than Still Flyin’ at full complement (it was a skeleton staff of just six members that played here). But we can comfortably say we’ve never seen a sparsely-filled venue feel so full as during disco-charged epic ‘Good Thing It’s a Ghost Town Around Here’, as bodies whirled around the room in gleeful abandon.

Resembling an awkward collision between Talking Heads in their scratchy white funk passage, and some kind of cod-reggae jam band, they’ve got obvious soulmates in the shouty, euphoric indie pop likes of Architecture in Helsinki and Tilly and the Wall, although it would be to do Still Flyin’ a disservice to suggest this wasn’t a thoroughly individual spectacle – gloriously upbeat, resplendently daft and bags and bags of fun to behold. Which is probably what hammjamm means.

Still Flyin' and Wake the President

Uplifting indie from this San Francisco big band.

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