Bill Tarmey feared Corrie disappointment

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  • 4 October 2010
Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey

Bill Tarmey

'Coronation Street' actor Bill Tarmey admits part of the reason why he decided to leave the show was because he felt he was ''letting down'' his co-stars because of his health problems

Bill Tarmey felt he was "letting down" his 'Coronation Street' co-stars because of his health problems.

The 69-year-old actor - who recently filmed his final scenes in the ITV1 soap after 30 years playing Jack Duckworth - decided it was time to go after problems with his heart, breathing, sleeping and hearing left him "embarrassed".

He said: "A few weeks ago my breathing was really c**p. We shot four or five scenes but then I was really breathless. The director said, 'We'll do the rest tomorrow.' I kept thinking: 'I've never had to do that in my life.' I felt awful for letting down other people."

Bill also had to have a hearing aid fitted, after his hearing was left damaged by his work with big bands over the years.

He explained: "It was terrifying at work. I'd be doing a scene with Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone Dobbs, he'd be talking and I'd be saying: 'What?' He'd reply: 'I'm saying my lines.' 'Oh, sorry.' I'd have to get the floor manager to nod at me when it was my turn to come in because I just couldn't hear. It was becoming quite embarrassing."

Despite struggling with ill-health, Bill has thoroughly enjoyed his time on the show and admits he is still hopeful he could be brought back as his alter-ego's twin.

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It feels like a lot of me is missing right now, but I hope that will ease. If not, I could always come back as Jack's twin brother. Or maybe his twin sister - I've still got the wig and frock!"

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