Licketyspit's Magic Spaghetti a lively theatrical experience (3 stars)

Magic Spaghetti

Enjoyable despite humour being fairly thin on the ground

By the end of Magic Spaghetti you’re left with an overwhelming desire to head for the kitchen and start creating. Or at least the adults in the audience will be – little ones will probably be content with just tucking into the results.

In this regard, Licketyspit absolutely achieves its aim. After an hour of non-stop references to flavoursome spices, freshly ripened vegetables and, of course, spaghetti, you’re ready to stop watching and start eating. Given the diabetes time bomb waiting to go off amongst young people, there’s never been a better time to deliver the healthy eating message in a fun package. Not only that, but to encourage children to try new things and understand where in the world food comes from.

So far so good, but while the central premise is laudable, and all of the performances strong, Magic Spaghetti doesn’t quite hit the spot like other Licketyspit endeavours. The story itself is simple enough – a small-minded Mayor who likes the food in his town kept plain is finally talked round by a former resident who returns from her travels replete with delicious recipes and a magic spaghetti pot.

Yet there are so many characters, and so much coming and going, younger viewers can struggle to keep up with who’s who. While older ones may miss the absence of humour, which is fairly thin on the ground. That said, the superb set, lively cast and opportunities for audience interaction go a long way to making this an enjoyable theatrical experience.

Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Glasgow, Tue 12 Oct then touring

Magic Spaghetti

Imagine Big Tony's delight when he discovers Strega Nona's magic spaghetti pot, which never stops making spaghetti! But when he uses it he ends up with more than he can handle! Suitable for ages 3+

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