Jaime Winstone friends with ex

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  • 3 October 2010
Jaime Winstone

Jaime Winstone

Jaime Winstone insists she is still good friends with ex-boyfriend Alfie Allen and says they speak regularly

Jaime Winstone is "still good friends" with Alfie Allen.

The 'Made In Dagenham' actress - who dated the actor from 2007 until a break-up earlier this year - admits she still has respect for her former lover, and the pair remain close, despite her having a new boyfriend.

She said: "Me and Alfie just grew apart. We were very much in love. We were young.

"We're still very good friends. We've spoken today, it's nice. Sometimes, it's better to have a really good friend than a dysfunctional ex."

The 25-year-old beauty also admitted her romance with Alfie has made her vow never to date someone who shares her profession again - though she is uncertain she will stick to her pledge.

Questioned about what lessons she has taken, she said: "Yeah! Never date an actor! I always said I wouldn't before Alfie - and then I did, anyway. But you can't help who you fall in love with, can you?"

Discussing her new relationship with photographer Tom Beard, Jaime confesses it is "different".

She said: "It's still very fresh. It's only been a couple of months. It's very calm, very different."

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