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  • 2 October 2010
Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn has confessed he no longer parties when he goes on tour because he's a ''40-plus dad now''

Damon Albarn doesn't party when he tours with Gorillaz.

The singer admits his lifestyle has changed dramatically since his days as the frontman of Blur in the 90s, and he now finds touring tough because he'd rather be at home.

He said: "The repetition of touring I've always found a bit difficult. And you know, I'm a 40-plus dad now! I'm not even interested in drinking every night, I just can't do that anymore.

"It sounds really boring, I know, but all I want to do is just be creative, to keep playing around with the boundaries of what is acceptable."

In order to capture any creative moments on the road, the band - which includes in its present touring form ex-Clash members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon and soul music legend Bobby Womack - have taken a mobile studio with them on their tour bus.

Damon explained to Q magazine: "The idea is whoever wants to can go in and make music, and the results could be included on the next album."

The singer says the group, which started off as an animated project, has "about two album's worth" of material left over from the sessions for third LP 'Plastic Beach' and he is hopeful they will release a new single next year.

The Gorillaz's 'Escape From Plastic Beach' world tour is in North America in October, and then moves onto Europe in November and Asia and Australia in December.

Damon Albarn

Renaissance man Albarn tours his first solo album Everyday Robots.

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