Dum Dum Girls (3 stars)

Dum Dum Girls

Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Wed 22 Sep 2010

Full style marks go to all-girl Los Angeles quartet Dum Dum Girls, all of them beautiful, dressed in black and together looking like a Siouxsie Sioux convention at Paris Fashion Week. Perhaps their music isn’t quite as striking as their image, but they do a nice line in messed-up blues rock and slowed-down West Coast punk, as befits girls from their neck of the woods.

Singer Dee Dee Penny (real name Kirsten Gundred, pictured) and co sing harmonies like The Ronettes and play music like The Jesus and Mary Chain, and their lyrics combine a kind of sleazy romance on ‘Bhang Bhang I’m a Burnout’ and ‘Everybody’s Out’ with a hint of fallen angel heartbreak during ‘Baby Don’t Go’ and ‘Yours Alone’. Yet, although this headline set (with support from always pleasing Edinburgh indie-pop trio Come On Gang!), stole some of the limelight back after their MGMT support duties over the previous two nights in Glasgow, they didn’t quite grab the chance to shine. Perhaps a bit of volume and a bit less sullen rock star attitude might have struck the best balance.

Dum Dum Girls

Buzzsaw guitars and girl group harmonies from this Californian band.

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