Eat Dr Ape - Love and Lust in Wonderland (1 star)

Eat Dr Ape - Love and Lust in Wonderland

(EDA Publishing)

While you’re listening to this seven-track affair drone on, why not play the band-name anagram game? It quickly throws up at least one intriguing alternative title which curiously matches the threatening ambience of the CD cover. While you might not be able to stop yourself tapping a toe to the enthusiastic ensemble playing, you may find yourself shaking your head at such wonderfully enlightened lyrics such as: ‘All the shit that you been talkin’/I got my finger in my ear/And the creepy way you walkin’/It makes it look as if you’re queer’. Should you find yourself able to bypass those 1970s-esque sensibilities, you’ll find little comfort in the Eat Dr Ape sound: less ‘alternative rock’ and more a cobbling together of every bandana-led guitar riff in the book.


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