Tim Kliphuis - Acoustic Voyage (3 stars)

Tim Kliphuis - Acoustic Voyage

Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis is best known as a highly skilled exponent of the Hot Club swing style associated with Grappelli and Reinhardt, but this album attempts to focus instead on world acoustic music, including the unusual amalgamation of a Scottish jig with African Soukous on ‘Couscous and Butter’.

His collaborators here are all Scottish (or based here), guitarist Nigel Clark, pianist David Newton, bassist Roy Percy and percussionist Sandro Ciancio. The global tour takes in shades of Latin, Cuban, South American and African music, as well as material from closer to home, including compositions by both Grappelli and Reinhardt, a version of the 60s pop hit ‘Don’t Sleep In The Subway’ and the folk tune ‘The Cuckoo’s Nest’, all dispatched in engagingly light-fingered, virtuoso fashion.

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