Magnetic Man - Magnetic Man (3 stars)

Magnetic Man - Magnetic Man


Newsflash: dubstep is still hot right now. Hence, we presume, this album from Magnetic Man – aka Benga, Skream and Artwork – a dubstep supergroup, if you will.

Evidently aimed at the upper echelons of the hit parade (why else would they rope in John Legend?) Magnetic Man’s debut is frequently under siege from 90s rave-evoking vocal tracks (of which, the highlight is helium-guzzling hyper-single ‘I Need Air’): even the marvellous Katy B is strangely underwhelming here.

The album is redeemed, however, by awesome, bass-plummeting, nightmarish instrumentals: the searing and brutally epic ‘Anthemic’; the bounding, scattershot ‘Ping Pong’ and the delirious, utterly fathomless ‘Mad’.

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