Section 25 - Retrofit (LTM) (4 stars)

Section 25 - Retrofit (LTM)

Like Little Boots’ switched-on grandparents, the formerly doom-laden Blackpool-sired runts of the Factory Records litter turned electro-dancefloor auteurs have produced an infectious swirl of post-modernist motorik. Recorded before the death of founding member Larry Cassidy in February this year, this twenty-first century revisit of classics including the much sampled ‘Looking From A Hilltop’ is possessed with an appositely urgent melancholy. Where Ian Curtis-produced 1980 debut single ‘Girls Don’t Count’ was once a dirge, here it’s been glossed up to sound not unlike one of Saint Etienne’s dubbier, clubbier moments, while a remix of ‘Hilltop’ by New Order drummer Stephen Morris is pure techno flashback. Old-school on many levels, then, but pulsatingly sublime nevertheless.

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