BNTM's Joy 'waiting before celebrating'

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  • 30 September 2010
Joy McLaren

Joy McLaren

Joy McLaren is going to wait five minutes before celebrating if she wins 'Britain's Next Top Model' following the mix-up on 'Australia's Next Top Model'

Joy McLaren is going to wait five minutes before celebrating if she wins 'Britain's Next Top Model'.

The 21-year-old hopeful - who will battle it out against Alisha White and Tiffany Pisani in Monday night's (04.10.10) live final - admits she will be stunned if she emerges victorious but will keep a lid on her celebrations until the result is confirmed, after the wrong girl was named as the winner of 'Australia's Next Top Model'.

Joy exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I never expected I would make it through the audition rounds, let alone be in the final three, so I just feel so privileged to be here. I'd be absolutely shocked if I win but after what happened in Australia, I'd wait about five minutes after the result before celebrating if I did! Hopefully that won't happen though."

However, while Joy will try and keep her emotions under control, Alisha may not be able to.

She said: "If I won, I think I'd just faint and then after I'd come round, I'd have to check that it was me that really won, and then I'd probably just jump around and scream! It would mean everything to me, as it's something I've wanted since I was a little girl."

Tiffany is also determined to win the Living show - which is hosted by supermodel Elle Macpherson - and believes she deserves to.

After initially being upset when her long hair was cut off in favour of a pixie crop, Tiffany said: "I've just worked really hard and I've been myself throughout and I know I'd be a good winner. I've taken the criticism from the judges and I've now accepted my short hair, which was hard for me to do."

The live final of 'Britain's Next Top Model' is on Monday at 9pm on the Living channel.

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