Sparks to fly in Emmerdale

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 September 2010
Emmerdale's Macey family

Emmerdale's Macey family

'Emmerdale's Home Farm will become the setting for a fiery relationship this autumn as Declan Macey's ex-wife shows up determined to get her husband back

'Emmerdale' is to feature an "Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton-style" tumultuous relationship this autumn.

Hunky tycoon Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) - who will take over Home Farm from the outgoing Wylde family in the ITV1 soap - will see his ex-wife Ella (Corrinne Wicks) join him in the village.

Series Producer Gavin Blythe told BANG Showbiz: "Their relationship is very much a Burton and Taylor love/hate relationship. The underlying passion is always there. Two weeks together they'll be fine. Two weeks and a day one of them will be dead."

The fiery couple are not the only characters who can look forward to some romance, Frank Kelly - who will play Declan's father Dermot - admitted his character will also have an eye for the ladies.

However Frank - who is best known for his role as alcoholic priest Father Jack in comedy series 'Father Ted' - revealed Dermot will be a little more refined than the wayward priest.

He said: "I don't think he's like Jack, he wouldn't swear, he's a very cool dude. A bit of a twinkle in his eyes and he likes pretty ladies even though he doesn't have his eye on anyone at this stage. He has a bit of a radar when it comes to women, he's interested. He's still alive!"

Meanwhile, Declan's and Ella's daughter Mia will attract the attentions of farmer's son Adam Barton (Adam Thomas), but Sapphire Elia - who plays the feisty newcomer - says he won't distract her.

She explained: "The thing with Mia is that she's her own person, she's not controlled by who she fancies. She's a fun loving exciting character who comes in and livens things up. She just wants to make her mark on the world."

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