Return2you dance theatre piece from Susanna Curtis

Return2you dance theatre piece from Susanna Curtis

New piece inspired by journeys between Glasgow and Nuremberg

For 22 years, choreographer Susanna Curtis has been journeying between the place of her birth and the land where she carved out a home and career. Born in Glasgow but based in Nuremberg, Curtis has drawn inspiration from those trips for her latest work, return2you.

‘I travel to and from the cities at least three times a year,’ she explains. ‘And I’m always fascinated by the encounters I make while travelling – conversations with fellow travellers whom I’ll probably never see again; the fact that people often tell complete strangers more of their life history than people they see daily.’

A collaborative work between two installation artists, two Scottish dancers, two German dancers and Curtis herself, return2you is also inspired by social networking sites such as Facebook, and the wide range of information people choose to share with others.

‘I’m not an active Facebooker, more of an observer,’ says Curtis. ‘What interests me is how people present themselves in their profile – what they think it’s important to tell the world, and what they may be hiding. The piece is partly about overt presentation and then peeling away layers to see what’s underneath – maybe it’s the people who seem to tell every small detail about themselves who are the ones who have something to hide.’

The Arches, Wed 13 & Thu 14 Oct


Newly commissioned dance works choreographed by Susanna Curtis exploring personal histories and the way the internet has changed how we present ourselves. The project also celebrates 25 years of cultural exchange between Glasgow and its twin city of Nuremberg in Germany - this performance marks the Lord Mayor of…

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