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  • 25 September 2010
Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson says he is ready to marry his French actress girlfriend Josephine De La Baume

Mark Ronson wants to marry his girlfriend Josephine De La Baume.

The 'Bang, Bang, Bang' hitmaker - who has previously dated British model Daisy Lowe - is ready to spend the rest of his life with the French actress because he wants to "share" everything with her.

He said: "It's not the thought of the wedding - though that's nice.

"It's just the idea of marrying someone you really, really love that you just want to share that with."

The 35-year-old record producer insists he is a good boyfriend, but struggles with the demands of dating a fiery French woman.

He told Grazia magazine: "I think I'm fairly romantic. But then having a French girlfriend automatically sets the bar to a whole new level.

"I'm certainly not perfect. Nobody is. In every great relationship you have two people that really care about each other and, inevitably, they can wind each other up in ways that no one else is capable of.

"That's what love is. I'm not saying it has to be either making love or breaking dishes across the kitchen, but, yeah, I think I'm a pretty good boyfriend."

Mark Ronson

DJ and producer du jour, who souped up Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, performs his own solo show, now going in a more funky electro direction on latest album Uptown Special.

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