Barbara Windsor's McFadden feast

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  • 24 September 2010
Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor was cooked a delicious farewell meal by Steve McFadden during her 'EastEnders' leaving party

Steve McFadden cooked Barbara Windsor a farewell dinner during her leaving party.

The actor - who has portrayed Phil Mitchell, the son of Barbara's feisty character Peggy Mitchell since the early 90s - pulled the 73-year-old actress away from their 'EastEnders' colleagues so they could enjoy a "lovely" few minutes together during the bash.

She said: "He decided that he wanted to cook me a meal, right in the middle of all the chaos! I said, 'I can't!' I like to run round and serve people, have my picture taken with everyone and all that business. So I said, 'Love, you can do what you like, but I'm not having dinner with you.' But later, just before 10pm, Steve grabbed my hand and dragged me over to this table that had been prepared with a red tablecloth and candles and everything. It was lovely."

Steve was determined to make Peggy's party special, so whipped up a delicious meal made of her favourite fish dishes and set places for a few of their pals.

Barbara explained: "He knows I like tuna and salmon, and he'd prepared this special meal for me, my husband Scott Mitchell and my agent. So we sat down, with all this yelling and dancing going on around us, to have a civilised dinner! Steve told me that he knew I'd be all over the place and wouldn't eat. June Brown, who plays Dot Branning, came over as well and it was lovely to sit there and chat. It was a wonderful evening."

Barbara left 'EastEnders' earlier this month after 16-years playing her iconic character, so she could spend more time with her husband Scott Mitchell.

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