Ryan Lamb's guarded love

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  • 23 September 2010
James Sutton

Emmerdale actor James Sutton

'Emmerdale' mechanic Ryan Lamb is set to fall in love with pretty blonde prison guard Abi as he waits to go on trial for the murder of his father Mark Wylde

'Emmerdale's Ryan Lamb is set to fall in love with his prison guard.

The hunky mechanic - who is currently in jail after being framed by his brother Nathan Wylde (Lyndon Ogbourne) for the murder of their father Mark Wylde (Maxwell Caulfield) - is so "frustrated" by his time inside, he seeks solace in pretty blonde guard Abi and the pair are almost caught together as their romance blossoms.

Actor James Sutton revealed: "She's just about making jail bearable for him. He's depressed, sad and frustrated by the way things are going.

"They come close to kissing on more than one occasion. The first time it almost happens, Abi's comforting Ryan because he's feeling so down and the only thing that stops them kissing is his cellmate walking in.

"It must only be a matter of time. They can only have so many charged moments together before things get dangerous."

The 27-year-old actor believes there could be some difficult times ahead for his alter-ego, especially with the murder trial going ahead.

He explained to Soaplife magazine: "The police have the planted evidence and he did have a motive, so yes, he is worried. Serving a long prison sentence for a crime he didn't commit is a real fear. It's all gone so much further than he ever dreamed it would."

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