Doctor Who's 'scary' Daleks

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  • 22 September 2010
Doctor Who monsters

Doctor Who Live

'Doctor Who Live' actor Nigel Planer thinks there is an interesting argument for an in-depth study of the show's mutant race, the Daleks

'Doctor Who Live' actor Nigel Planer thinks there should be an in-depth study into why Daleks are so scary.

The veteran actor will appear alongside Daleks - including a flying version of the classic 'Doctor Who' villain - and ten other monsters during large-scale live shows, which will tour the country next month, and he reckons there's an interesting argument for an in-depth study of the mutant race.

He exclusively told BANG showbiz: "You could probably make an interesting case for a university paper on why The Daleks are such enduring screen villains.

"You know, why does that work, that design, which looks like some sort of 1960s Italian car - why does that particular look retain its menace, and endure?"

Nigel - who plays Vorgenson in the sci-fi drama - also said he's having to learn fast about the various beings and monsters he will be working with on the show.

He added: "We have a flying Dalek - and Weeping Angels, we've got Cybermen Scarecrows - I don't even know who the Scarecrows are."

The actor revealed he grew up watching Doctor Who, but didn't follow later versions of the show until Christopher Eccelston assumed the titular role. However, he's been brushing up ahead of the live shows.

He said: "I've been preparing for the show by reading a whole lot of 'Doctor Who' scripts. And I've been watching lots of DVDs, but to find the actual character it's all down to the rehearsals."

The Doctor Who Live Tour kicks off at Wembley Arena on 8th October and tours across the UK until November 7th - for tickets and more information visit

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