Chris Evans slams Daybreak

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  • 22 September 2010
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has criticised bosses of new ITV breakfast show 'Daybreak', accusing them of losing touch with their audience and admits he is ''not surprised'' they have lost viewers

Chris Evans has slammed 'Daybreak' bosses, accusing them of losing touch with their audience.

The DJ-and-presenter is "not surprised" the new show - which is fronted by former 'The One Show' hosts Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley - has lost viewers because he believes the format and state-of-the-art studio has alienated 'GMTV' fans.

The 44-year-old star - who was hired to replace Chiles on Friday nights of 'The One Show' leading to him defecting to the ITV1 morning show -believes series chiefs was wrong to aim it at a "high-brow" audience.

He told a BBC staff conference: "What was there was fine. The audience is not an ABC1 audience. They're not high-brow, news-hungry viewers."

His criticisms come as it was reported 'Daybreak' - dubbed 'Daybroke' by TV insiders - has lost a fifth of its viewers since its launch on September 6.

Evans - who would have worked with Bleakley if she had stayed at the BBC and not left to join Chiles on the 'Daybreak' sofa - added: "Just look at the set, the programme - look at the name. It's not gone well.

"They had a million viewers, and it's gone down. It doesn't surprise me."

Referring to the name 'Daybreak', he added: "I don't understand what they were thinking when they came up with it. You only get one chance to open a show and it's not worked."


1. Grumpy old man22 Sep 2010, 5:16pm Report

Why change/fix something thats seems to be working OK?
The GMTV replacement Daybreak is an example of unwanted tampering by an unskilled workforce.
Daybreak is unprepared for the iceberg ahead. Screw down the "deck chairs"
Change if change is needed !!

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