Charlotte Holmes: Elle cried for me

Elle Macpherson was more upset than Charlotte Holmes when she was kicked off 'Britain's Next Top Model' because she had supported the 21-year-old beauty from the beginning

Charlotte Holmes

Charlotte Holmes

'Britain's Next Top Model' reject Charlotte Holmes admits Elle Macpherson was more upset than her when she was kicked off the show.

The 21-year-old beauty was the latest modelling hopeful to be rejected from the Living programme last night (20.09.10), and while she admits she was sad to leave, she says host Elle - who had championed her from day one - took the news harder.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "To have her on side is fantastic. She was upset, we both had a little cry when the result was announced but she cried more!"

Size-eight Charlotte - who was told by designer Julien MacDonald she was too curvy and too commercial to be a catwalk model - believes Elle could relate to her because she also faced criticism at the beginning of her career.

She said: "I think she liked me because a lot of the critique I was getting early on - about me being too happy and smiley and too commercial - was something that was said to her at the start of her career.

"But I have to take the positives out of the whole experience, and it was so amazing and if I could achieve even half the success Elle has had, I'd be a very happy woman!"

Although she has been kicked off, Charlotte - who still harbours ambitions to make it in the fashion world - still has a keen interest in the show and has backed fellow contestant Tiffany Pisani to win.

She said: "I think Tiffany will win it and I'd like her to. She's come a long way and really puts her all into everything so she'd be a deserving winner."


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