Five things you can do once you are 25

25 years of The List

Five things you can do once you are 25

The bar at 1911 restaurant, Imperial Hotel, New Delhi

The final few age-limited hurdles surmounted.

1: Have a drink in Delhi
You have to be 25 to drink alcohol in Delhi – we’ll see you at the bar!

2: Hire a car abroad
While you can happily drive around from the age of 17, most overseas vehicle hire firms will make you wait another eight years before you can rent.

3: Volunteer for the UN
The United Nations Volunteer service is a ‘peace and development’ programme active in over 130 countries. Ages 25 and over.

4: Join the Pony Club
This is the last year we’ll be able to join the UK’s largest equestrian society – membership is cut off at 25.

5: Join the Indian Merchant Navy
Twenty-five is also the maximum age for trainees in the Indian Merchant Navy. Anchors aweigh!


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