X Factor Chloe Mafia's 140 arrests

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  • 21 September 2010
Chloe Mafia

Chloe Mafia

'The X Factor' hopeful Chloe Mafia has been arrested over 140 times for a range of offences including assault and robbery during her wild early teens

'The X Factor' hopeful Chloe Mafia has been arrested over 140 times.

The 19-year-old singer - who has been allowed to remain in the competition, despite claims she is a prostitute - has appeared in court on numerous charges including robbery and assault.

Chloe and ex-boyfriend Ian Hough were both placed on police electronic monitoring tags, and at one point even banned from their local city centre of Wakefield.

They were also banned by magistrates from seeing each other, despite living in the same house at the time.

A friend of the pair told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "They caused mayhem wherever they went and whenever they wanted. She and her boyfriend were really wild and forever in trouble when they were younger.

"They were arrested more than 140 times together. They were even on tag together."

Chloe - whose audition was booed by the audience on Saturday's (18.09.10) 'The X Factor' - is said to have hidden her criminal past from bosses of the show, because she is worried she will be thrown off.

She and Ian - who split up before she appeared on the show - are also said to have turned their lives around since the birth of their daughter, Destiny, nearly two years ago.

Another friend explained: "Everything changed after Destiny was born. They stopped hanging around with us and did family things."

However, allegations that Chloe has been earning £160 an hour as a prostitute have rocked Ian - although he has vowed to stand by her - as he believed she was only working as an exotic dancer.

The friend added: "They want to be a proper family again. But he doesn't know what to make of the allegations. He was shocked.

"She's told him she was a dancer not a prostitute but she cried her eyes out and said it was all wrong."

A spokesperson for 'The X Factor' confirmed they were unaware Chloe had previous convictions. It is not known if she will now be able to keep her place on the show.

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