Bill Tarmey lost after Corrie

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  • 20 September 2010
Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey

Bill Tarmey

'Coronation Street' legend Bill Tarmey admits he has ''nowhere to go'' now he has filmed his final scenes on the ITV1 soap

Bill Tarmey has "nowhere to go" now he's finished filming 'Coronation Street'.

The 69-year-old actor - who portrayed lovable womaniser Jack Duckworth in the soap for 30 years -is struggling to come to terms with all the free time he has now he has filmed his final scenes.

He said: "At the moment I'm cabbaged. My head's all over the place. All of a sudden I've got nowhere to go. I'm still up at 5.30am and work is still going around my head but I don't have to do the scenes."

Bill finished filming last week, before ITV threw a huge goodbye bash in his honour.

Describing his final moments in the show with Alan Halsall, who plays his best friend Tyrone Dobbs, he said: "It was a sweet little scene and I was trying my best not to cry. It's hard when you are dead! It was breaking my heart with Alan next to me and I know it was breaking his heart in the scene for real."

After putting on a suit, Bill reunited with many old pals and colleagues for the evening's party, where he and his wife Ali and Liz Dawn - who played his screen wife Vera Duckworth - shed a tear at a video montage of his time in the show.

He told "When they played the compilation - when they were going through all the old clips - well, at that stage I just burst into tears. Ali broke down and Liz had a sniffle as well. It was just like 'This Is Your Life'!"

Despite being sad about going, Bill admits there will be some positive aspects about retiring from the show.

He added: "I won't miss all the daft long scenes - the long ones written like Gideon's Bible!"

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