Dannii Minogue's 'X Factor' tears

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  • 19 September 2010
Dannii Minogue sings for X Factor loser

Dannii Minogue

Former 'X Factor' judge Sharon Osbourne reduced Dannii Minogue to tears on her first night on ITV1 show

Sharon Osbourne reduced Dannii Minogue to tears on her first night on 'The X Factor'.

The Australian beauty - who joined the ITV1 show's judging panel alongside Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon in 2007 - revealed her fellow judge "screamed and swore" at her prior to going on stage for her first live show.

She explained: "Five minutes before the start of the first live show in my first series of The X Factor, I was sitting in my dressing room, shaking and weeping quietly into my hands. I was about to appear in front of 12million people and yet I had make-up streaming down my face.

"I was crying because someone I had admired greatly had come to my room before screaming and swearing relentlessly in my face for 20 minutes. What should have been one of the best nights of my life had been ruined - by Sharon Osbourne."

Dannii - who is soon set to rejoin the judging panel after giving birth to baby Ethan in July - admitted while her first series on 'The X Factor' was "a rollercoaster of emotions", music mogul Simon Cowell was very supportive.

She added in new book 'Dannii: My Story': "The rest of that first series was a rollercoaster of emotions. While I loved being a judge, I started to grow weary of Sharon and Louis's united front against me.

"Simon, thank goodness, was a great ally. I could rely on him for support when things got rough."

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