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  • 18 September 2010
Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon admits she would never quit 'Strictly Come Dancing', and made sure she kept her ''head held high'' after she was criticised for replacing Arlene Phillips on the judging panel last year

Alesha Dixon would never quit `Strictly Come Dancing'.

The judge - who won the series five of the BBC One reality television show in 2007 - admitted while being criticised for replacing choreographer Arlene Phillips on the judging panel last year was "hurtful", she thinks the situation was blown out of proportion.

She explained: "I can't deny it was hurtful because it was, and what did take me by surprise was the fact that a lot of the negativity happened before I had even opened my mouth. Some of it was personal and that was really tough to deal with. I did feel a lot of it was blown out of proportion, however.

"I am not the type to quit. I am a fighter and I knew I had to just let it all pass by. I was determined to hold my head high. There is no way I was going to ever give in."

The former Mis-Teeq singer claims to be a lot more relaxed about her role this year, and believes it's the celebrity contestants who have the most difficult job.

Alesha added to new! magazine: "I'm just really relaxed actually. I've got the easy part. It's the celebrities who have the hard job. It's all about the contestants and no matter how much flak I was taking, I knew my part was very small compared to what they were all going through.

"There is no respite - training takes over! At the same time, you really pray you won't get voted out as it's just such an incredible experience. I feel honoured to have the best seat in the house."

Alesha Dixon

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