TV comedy Whites starring Alan Davies and co-written by Matt 'Super Hans' King

TV comedy Whites starring Alan Davies and co-writtin by Matt 'Super Hans' King

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For those of you who have the deep misfortune of remembering Kitchen, a two-part Glasgow-set Five drama with Eddie Izzard as a laconic, often-drunk superchef who had a problem with motivation, Whites (BBC2, Tue 28 Sep, 9pm) may ring a couple of similar bells. Both of them clang around the lazy central character Roland White, played by another comedian-turned-actor, Alan Davies, whose surname and slightly slicked-back barnet can’t help you think of Marco-Pierre. Into this hellish kitchen of the show’s prestigious country club come a long-suffering sous chef, Bib (Darren Boyd), a permanently annoyed restaurant manager, Caroline (Katherine Parkinson), and an exaggeratedly thick waitress, Kiki (Isy Suttie).

But while they all feel the heat from either White’s tongue or his negligence (he’s too busy dictating his uneventful memoir to ease the chaos in his kitchen), the real conflict of the show looks set to be provided by the clearly malevolent assistant chef, Skoose (Stephen Wight), who has no hesitation in telling Bib he is coming for his job. Most of the humour in a perfectly palatable opening episode comes from White’s obsession with meat and Caroline’s more empathetic approach, impersonating a veggie, crying from having to eat her millionth risotto. Of special interest to Peep Show fans is that Whites is co-written by Matt King, aka Super Hans. Whether the rest of us will develops enough of a taste to hang around like enough lamb on a hook, is another question.

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