Abstract Forms label night at Slabs of the Tabernacle

Abstract Forms label night at Slabs of the Tabernacle

Damon Foster interview

The London-based Abstract Forms label started, as most of these things do, as a cottage industry based on just one person’s tastes and interests. Damon Foster was looking for things to do with his own recordings as Deixis, and his own love of vinyl combined with the willingness of a few friends to contribute their own recordings convinced him. ‘I guess the label’s ethos is to release music by new and up-and-coming artists,’ he says, ‘and to play the music that I like.’

He describes his own tastes as broad, ranging from late 60s psychedelic rock to early 70s funk and soul. ‘I believe that if you’re trying to make decent music you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one style,’ he says. ‘Electronically, though, I like Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins, the Detroit sound. I’d describe what I make as deep techno, it’s not a style that’s a huge seller but it’s an underground niche that’s always been close to my heart.’ It’s a taste that’s shared by labelmates Morphology and Arne Weinberg, both appearing here, and Kirk Degiorgio and Louis Haiman.

‘We only sell vinyl records,’ notes Foster proudly. ‘I’m not against digital sales, but vinyl just sounds better to me, especially when it’s mastered by someone who knows what they’re doing. I guess I’m a bit old-school in that way, I just like something you can design and hold in your hand, a nice artistic format, because I’m a designer myself in my day job. If I can look back on this when I’m a lot older and say, “Hey, I did that before vinyl disappeared,” then I’ll be happy.’

Slabs of the Tabernacle at La Cheetah, Glasgow, Sat 2 Oct.

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