Michelle Connor's Ciaran confusion

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  • 16 September 2010
Kym Marsh

Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh

'Coronation Street' barmaid Michelle Connor is left ''devastated'' when cheeky Irish barman Ciaran McCarthy applies for a job in Scotland

Michelle Connor is "devastated" when Ciaran McCarthy applies for a job in Scotland.

The 'Coronation Street' beauty - who has been pursued by the cheeky Irish bartender for several months - will realise how strong her feelings for Ciaran (Keith Duffy) are when he considers leaving England to start a new life in Scotland.

Actress Kym Marsh - who plays Michelle - said: "She's gutted but doesn't show it. She tells herself that if he's bothering to go for a job interview in Scotland then he can't be that interested in her. That's it. It's over. She was obviously just a bit of fun for him.

"She admits she's devastated he's going but tells Liz she can't tell Ciaran she has feelings for him because she's too afraid of getting hurt."

Kym believes part of the reason why Michelle has kept the Irish charmer at arms length for so long is because she is terrified of falling for him and ending up heartbroken.

She explained: "She thinks he's fab. I think she could easily fall in love with him. and that's what she's scared of. To give Ciaran his due, he has chased her for about eight months now without giving up. And yet Michelle's still not at all sure that he's being genuine with her."

However, if Ciaran can admit his true feelings for Michelle, Kym believes they could make a lovely couple.

She added to Soaplife magazine: "It would be nice to explore a relationship between them. It would be fun."

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