Piers Morgan's £2.6m ITV deal

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  • 16 September 2010
Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has signed a new two-year ITV contract worth £2.6 million, despite reportedly quitting 'Britain's Got Talent' because of his huge new CNN deal

Piers Morgan has signed a £2.6 million two-year deal with ITV, despite reportedly quitting 'Britain's Got Talent'.

The former British tabloid journalist - who recently signed an £12 million deal with news channel CNN to take over 'Larry King Live' in America - has signed up to continue his 12-part 'Life Stories' series for ITV for £84,000 an episode, as well as fronting six other unnamed shows at £55,000 each.

An ITV source - who confirmed Piers has left the ITV variety show - told The Sun newspaper: "ITV are mad keen on Piers and he has told them he can fit in his 'Life Stories' show around his new CNN gig.

"He can't do 'Britain's Got Talent' though so he's had to give that up but I think he knew he probably wasn't going to get asked to go back next year anyway. But he will be doing 'America's Got Talent' so he'll still have his fair share of idiots."

ITV, who will pay Piers an extra £5,000 for every show that is a ratings hit, are said to be thrilled that the 45-year-old presenter has signed a contract with them for another two years, despite replacing Larry King from January.

The source added: "We're delighted to have secured Piers for another two years. Unfortunately he will not be around to do 'Britain's Got Talent' but this gives us a good opportunity to refresh the panel."

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