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1. Dave Curtis16 Sep 2010, 4:29pm Report

What the hell are you talking about. This isn't a review, it's two sentences from someone who's either not listened to the album, or is just disappointed that people with original talent still exist.

I've had the good fortune to have listened to the work of Alex Cornish since 2008, and have seen him play live more times than I can remember. This album, and the one that preceded it, are full of carefully thought out original songs of emotions and orchestration that it still amazes me that he has to self-release the albums. A lot lesser artists have enjoyed 'success' with a fraction of the effort.

Ignore the reference to 'James Blunt' and a description of 'uninspiring love-struck blandness' as it's so wide of the mark. Listen to the album, and then listen to it again. I've listened to the album, a lot. I'll write a review because I'm capable. The two lines above show that not all people are.

2. RJN16 Sep 2010, 4:29pm Report

I totally disagree, i love this album! Can't wait for more!!!! As good if not better than the last

3. Huckleberry1216 Sep 2010, 4:30pm Report

What a lazy review...I suspect the reviewer saw it was a male singer/songwriter and did the usual broad brushstroke put down....If James Blunt could write music like this perhaps we'd all forgive his terrible vocals. I have only recently discovered Alex Cornish and believe he is a greatly underrated talent. There is a real depth to this beautifully orchestrated album and a sensitivity many of our more familiar household singer-songwriters can only dream of.

4. Lorraine M16 Sep 2010, 4:46pm Report

You're wrong, this is a beautiful album, as is his first album. Alex is amazingly talented, unlike most of the "artists" in the charts!

5. Ian R16 Sep 2010, 4:51pm5 stars Alex Cornish - Call Back Report

I find your review amazingly narrow minded and quite interesting. Interesting because I am surprised by the lack of intellect shown by a journalist who really ought to know better, and who maybe should spend a little more time researching and listening to the substance of what is being reviewed. Call Back is a haunting and passionate album by an artist with conviction and talent. The melodies are far superior to the comparison artists you mention, the words are beautiful, and the approach refeeshing. I don't see the likeness - unless of couse you assume that, as a singer songwriter, everyone is the same. Give it a proper listen and then review effectively. By the way, I had to register to leave this review, and was sent a confirmation eMail to activate the account. Even that went in to my junk folder automatically. Maybe - The List - you should clean up your act, possibly make a narrow minded reviewer redundant, and definately find people to work for you who know what they are writing about.

6. ALW16 Sep 2010, 5:32pm Report

4:29, 4:29, 4:30... Suspiciously close comments to one another, wonder how that happened? I wish I had mates/split personalities like Alex Cornish.

7. GMW16 Sep 2010, 6:24pm Report

@alw might your cynicism be lessened with the knowledge that in today's social media society this was actually posted on facebook, thus inciting several comments at once...we now have halo on dedicated graphics cards instead of atari console tennis plugged into the telly...

mind-blowing I know!

back to Cornish. (having seen it on facebook) Having seen him live and listened to the whole album...more than once...I can say its a grower. Rarely i would say in Alex's genre that songs grab me first time...techno, ueah, pop, yeah..eminem...yeah....

Not Cornish or the peers that he aspires too...

if someone asked me what is one of my better qualities, it would surprise people to know that its the fact that i like all genre's of music, from death and black metal, to jazz, and everything in between...i get a lot of pleasure from not obscuring my vision to impress my 'mates'...

8. IST16 Sep 2010, 6:53pm Report

Such a lazy and unimaginative review clearly written by someone who hasn't given the record a proper listen. This album, like Alex Cornish's debut is packed with powerful songs with beautiful orchestration and lyrics with songs such as "Don't Hold Me Back", "Call Back" and "The Shame" particular highlights. No album fillers at all. Alex Cornish is currently without doubt one of the finest singer-songwriters in Britain as anybody who has seen him perform live would verify. To compare him to James Blunt is insulting and disrespectful.
Shame on The List - I expected better.

9. Mrs Tittlemouse16 Sep 2010, 7:13pm Report

Sloppy journalism like this makes me so angry. What's the point in having journalists like this working for you? So, you think it's bad, bland. Why? Why do you think its bland? You don't know? That's because you haven't given it a proper listen. The reviewer is everything wrong with the music industry today and The List ought to ensure better standards if they are to keep their reputation.

10. Colin M16 Sep 2010, 7:20pm5 stars Alex Cornish - Call Back Report

(Here due to Mr Cornish's Facebook posting)

My review of this review.

In one word? LAZY.
You know, I respect someone when they have a point of view, and can even respect that their point of view is different to mine. I can usually tolerate some creative critical fabrication, when it's funny. But where is any of this?

No attempt to explain, no comedic or literary effort put in. It seems as though the reviewers own sense of self satisfaction is powering the laziness and lack of any effort, other than a pseudo hipster reference to other artists, plus a huge generalisation. Did you actually listen to the songs, or a few of the intros, forwarding through to the end of the album?

The thing that really gets me here is the injustice. It only takes one lazy review like this one to set an emerging artist back quite a way.

Hey, what about the album though?

Well, it may not endear me to other Cornish fans when I say that I didn't like the whole album. Given that I've only listened to it twice (twice more than Niki Boyle, anyone?), you may understand. But then, I rarely do like every single song the first few listens. Some of the tracks grab from the start, others take a while to really appreciate, with delicate vocals and careful melodic arrangements that only notice over a few playbacks.

On the whole though, as a self released album, it is definitely worth a listen. Could it be better? Yes! But then you could say that about every single album recorded.
The thing I would really recommend though, is catching the man himself live, to witness the emotion and musical art displayed. One could write on about that, and the fact that live music needs all the help, diversity and praise we can muster, but enough already.

I came, I read, I disparaged the reviewer.

Shame on you Niki Boyle for the laziness shown here, and shame on your editor for allowing it.


11. Richard Bamber16 Sep 2010, 9:48pm5 stars Alex Cornish - Call Back Report

Hardly a review just a (small) piece of lazy journalism. This sort of music isn't for everyone but if well crafted songs are your bag then Cornish is your man. This and the debut album feature a collection of well arranged songs with great melodies and a catchy chorus. I have followed him live for 2 years and seen him live half a dozen times. To compare Alex to James Blunt is no comparison at all and shows a 'pigeon hole' mentality. As to the reference to Damien Rice - surely a tad overated songsmith I think. Buy this CD and better still buy a ticket to hear it live at Bush Hall if you live in London - 23/11.

12. theproof16 Sep 2010, 11:08pm5 stars Alex Cornish - Call Back Report

Look, this is clearly just a misunderstanding folks. It must be extremely hard being a "critic". There's a deadline to meet, your Editor is chasing you for your views, and ... oh, hang on, you don't have a copy of the album?! Suddenly you panic. "What on earth do I do now?", you think to yourself. Out of sheer desperation, you Google the artist you're meant to be "reviewing" and soon learn they're a singer-songwriter. "Aha", you exclaim, "a singer-songwriter: easy!".

How wrong you are Niki.

I have a copy of the album, by the way. Do please let me know the address of your rock, and I'll gladly lend it to you.

13. Russell A17 Sep 2010, 3:59am Report

A two line comment hardly consitutes a review.
As many avid music fans will be aware, countless artists have had problems with "the difficult second album". Not so Alex Cornish. In my opinion, Call Back contains just as many memorable tracks and is as enjoyable as his first, Until the Traffic Stops. In my mind, not a difficult second album at all. He just gets better all the time, and is a smashing bloke too.

14. Morna16 Sep 2010, 11:25pm Report

Who the hell is Alex Cornish? - I wondered. So I googled him.

He seems a bit whiny - http://twitter.com/AlexCornish/status/24670607723

& a bit drunk - http://twitter.com/AlexCornish/status/24685152292


It's not that bad Alex. It's just two sentences. Kicking off is surely just drawing more attention to it? (although maybe you are choosing the 'all publicity is good publicity' route??). Man up.

15. Seamus20 Sep 2010, 3:56pm Report

Two words sum up this review 'Utter Bo**ocks'. Niki Who ?

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