Our earliest spots of a few favourite bands

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  • 16 September 2010
Our earliest spots of a few favourite bands

Jesus And Mary Chain

Name: Jesus And Mary Chain
First spotted: The ‘Populist! column, issue 48, 21 Aug 1987
What we said: ‘1987 started well, with their first top ten single, courtesy of April Skies - an unassuming pop song, far removed from the swamp of early offerings like Never Understand.’

Name: Primal Scream
First spotted: The ‘Populist! column, Issue 52, 16 Oct 1987
What we said: ‘Side one of the debut album, featuring the rather endearing Silent Spring and the single Gentle Tuesday is a good indication that they are not the wimps some have made them out to be.’

Name: Edwyn Collins
First spotted: The ‘Populist! column, Issue 54, 13 Nov 1987
What we said: ‘My Beloved Girl is indeed pretty rocky, and well produced, in the sense that it sounds fresh, not bland.’

Name: The Delgados
First spotted: Live review, issue 236, 9 Sep 1994
What we said: ‘Heavy with melody and attitude, The Delgados are more gum-chewing Yank garage punks with jackknifes in their jeans than glue-sniffin’ YOPpers with bike chains – and therefore kinda perfect.’

Name: Garbage
First spotted: Single reviews, issue 249, 24 Mar 1995
What we said: ‘At the nastier end of the spectrum is the debut single Vow from Garbage on Discordant Records. Points of interest to note include the presence of Nirvana producer Butch Vig on the drum stool and Shirley Manson, the artists formerly known as Her With The Big Eyes From Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, giving it some Toni Halliday pseudo-attitude on vocals. (Curve is actually quite a pertinent reference.) And the song? It’s alright. A bit mannered really.’

Name: Mogwai
First spotted: Single reviews, issue 277, 19 Apr 1996
What we said: ‘Then there’s Mogwai’s debut Tuner/Lower (Rock Action Records). One side is slow and broody! The other is fast and furious sonic riffology! Can’t remember which is which!’

Name: Belle & Sebastian
First spotted: Album reviews, issue 280, 31 May 1996
What we said: ‘Along with Jim Beattie’s Adventures In Stereo, this is as light and sunny as the Scottish summer gets. Let’s hope Belle & Sebastian reach the size of audience they have the potential to seduce.’

Name: Idlewild
First spotted: Demo reviews, issue 283, 12 Jul 1996
What we said: ‘Edinburgh’s Idlewild describe their tape as a “mediocre taste” of what they’re capable of, which seems just a tad disingenuous … There’s no reason this lot shouldn’t be on the Evening Session.

Name: Arab Strap
First spotted: Album reviews, issue 294, 29 Nov 1996
What we said: ‘Bleak is hardly the word for it. Falkirk’s finest, not that there is much in the way of excessive competition for that mantle, have produced a stripped-down and close to the bone collection that manages to be both odd and audacious.’

Name: Biffy Clyro
First spotted: Exposure, 8 Jun 2000
What we said: ‘Biffy Clyro are Simon, Ben and James, three twenty year olds from Ayrshire who like making noise and have managed to turn it into melodic rocking songs.’

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