Bruce Haack - Farad (The Electric Voice) (5 stars)

Bruce Haack - Farad (The Electric Voice)

(Stones Throw)

Listening to the bizarre, bewitching and above all unique work of ‘lost’ electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack, it’s tempting to trace his influence through Cabaret Voltaire, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and any number of psychedelic electronic futurists. However, it’s hard to say if they had even heard of him, such is the obscurity of his reputation. This compilation, now one of the few places to discover his home-made, otherworldly music, is an indispensable portal into a mind-bending world of proto techno and fried pop. It’s all evidence that the time is long overdue for Haack to take his place beside Joe Meek and Bob Moog as one of the key progenitors of electronic music.

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