Marnie Stern - Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern - Marnie Stern

(Souterrain Transmissions)

If, come some dull or unfathomable morning, you seek death by blissful, virtuosic metal-pop, then look no further than Marnie Stern: she’ll brutalise your every organ with hyper-melodic axe-mastery and alt-rock. The opening triumvirate on our New Yorker’s third album delivers a case in point. ‘For Ash’ is speedball euphoria; ‘Nothing Left’ is exemplary indie-squall; ‘Transparency is the New Mystery’ is wayward, Breeders-esque, drum-addled and brilliant. Hella’s Zach Hill is a vital co-conspirator here. Stern has long reaped plaudits for her precocious riffage and shredding chops – and rightly so – but let not this technique overshadow her capacity for skewed, dramatic, sing-a-long rock.


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