Mice Parade - What It Means To Be Left-Handed (4 stars)

Mice Parade - What It Means To Be Left-Handed


Attention, fellow anagram fanatics: did you realise that Mice Parade is a reconfiguration of Adam Pierce? You did? Then we’re the last to know. Pierce, of course, is the New York multi-instrumentalist who founded Mice Parade – a loose, ambrosial electro-folk outfit – around 1998. He’s also a dude who’s performed with the swooning likes of HiM, Swirlies and múm.

Mice Parade’s shimmering eighth long-player is enkindled by gentle syncopation, dreamy boy-girl vocalisms, burbling flamenco and balmy afro-pop. Its myriad, meandering highlights include ‘Even’ (a bite-sized Lemonheads-evoking anthem) and the shoestring Cyndi Lauper-style cantata of ‘Do Your Eyes See Sparks’.

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