Trudy Kerr & Ingrid James - Reunion (3 stars)

Trudy Kerr & Ingrid James - Reunion

(Jazzizit Records)

Trudy Kerr has been UK-based for some time now, but is originally from Queensland, home of Ingrid James. As the title suggests, the two singers are old friends, and met up again for this set of swinging jazz interpretations. Both are firmly in the conventional mould of easy-on-the-ear mainstream singers, but each is individual enough within that style to make a readily identifiable mark.

No boundaries are being pushed here, but it is a very agreeable outing, and one that strays into some less expected repertoire, including vocalese takes on Bud Powell’s ‘Un Poco Loco’, Gerry Mulligan’s ‘Soft Shoe’ and Rodgers & Hart’s ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’, and the fine Don Cherry-Sheila Jordan song, ‘Art Deco’. The accompaniments by pianist Tom Cawley, bassist Geoff Gascoyne and drummer Sebastiaan de Krom ooze sophisticated class.

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