Cry Parrot Compilation Launch (4 stars)

Cry Parrot Compilation Launch

Stereo, Glasgow, Sun 5 Sep

Glasgow promoters Cry Parrot’s eclectic remit was in full effect at the launch of their third compilation (free to download from Openers Small Scale Collisions used two laptops, a guitar and the focus of a couple of NASA technicians to successfully evoke all the clicks, whirrs and throbbing white noise of a real-time space shuttle launch. Galoshins came equipped to be a much more interesting band than they turned out to be, but unfortunately their underwritten songs weren’t well-served by the polished sound.

It was difficult to tell if Blue Sabbath Black Fiji were in full control of the sonic apocalypse they unleashed, such was their frenetic approach to their vast array of pedals, drum machines and mixers, but they seemed as delighted as the crowd with the sound they produced. It was the aural equivalent of the climax of Akira and just as impressive. Final band Streets of Rage provided a suitably thrilling climax to the evening, thrashing through their set of brittle, minimalist hardcore at a speed and intensity that showed no regard for the limitations of the human body.

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