Amelia Thomas fears popular BNTM

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  • 14 September 2010
Amelia Thomas

Amelia Thomas

'Britain's Next Top Model' reject Amelia Thomas is concerned the show will turn into a popularity contest when the public vote on their favourite

Amelia Thomas fears 'Britain's Next Top Model' could turn into a popularity contest.

The 21-year-old redhead - who was kicked off the modelling search show last night (13.09.10) - is concerned that the new format, where the public vote for the winner, could mean hopefuls aren't judged solely on their talent.

Amelia hopes contestants Alisha White and Joy McLaren will make the final two, but believes Charlotte Holmes' personality could make her a favourite with the public.

She told BANG Showbiz: "It's a popularity contest then, isn't it? We left school years ago, it shouldn't be like that. I just think that you've got to think about the talent. I'm not saying that Charlotte isn't a wonderful model, but she's very limited in what she can do. She's got one dimension. She's more commercial. She's borderline beauty pageant and I think that Alisha and Joy are just so strong. Especially Alisha."

The three hopefuls will also be up against Tiffany Pisani in the final few weeks of the competition.

Despite coming fifth in the series, Amelia expected to leave much earlier but says that watching 'Britain's Next Top Model' back helped her grow in confidence.

She said: "I thought I was going to go every week!

"My confidence is so low, that I didn't think I was good enough to be there and always felt that everyone was better. But now I've watched it back, I realise I should have had more faith in myself. I think that if I had, I would have done a lot better. It did hold me back an awful lot, the negativity. But it's a learning curve and I've become more positive.

"It's definitely improved my self confidence because it's made me realise that there was no need to be beating myself up all the time, it was silly. I've learnt now to go forward."

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