Kat Moon returns pregnant

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  • 13 September 2010
Jessie Wallace

Jessie Wallace who plays Kat Moon

Kat Moon will return to 'EastEnders' pregnant although residents will be left guessing whether husband Alfie is the father of her unborn baby

Kat Moon will return to 'EastEnders' pregnant.

The fiery barmaid - played by Jessie Wallace - comes back to Albert Square after five years away and stuns residents with the news she is expecting a baby, especially as she initially turns up without husband Alfie (Shane Richie).

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Five years is a long time and so many things have happened to these two. Kat comes back on her own and it's clear she's not with Alfie anymore.

"It doesn't take him long to track her down and soon two of the most popular Walford residents are reunited on their home turf.

"But what has happened to split them up and why have they come back in such a hurry? And is Alfie the father of Kat's baby? And is Alfie the father of Kat's baby? Fans are not going to believe what they have been up to. It's classic Kat and Alfie."

Although they have been experiencing some marriage difficulties, Kat and Alfie are to take over the Queen Vic once more after the pub was reduced to ash during last week's fire, seeing Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) leave Walford.

Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood said: "When I joined the show and found out Barbara Windsor was leaving, we had to sit down and talk about who would take over the Queen Vic.

"There were two immediate options available to us - Kat and Alfie, who are two of the most popular and iconic characters the show has ever seen."

Kat will return on Friday (17.09.10), while Alfie comes back next week.

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