Scott Maslen predicts dramatic marriage

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  • 12 September 2010
Scott Maslen

Scott Maslen

Scott Maslen wants his 'EastEnders' alter ego Jack Branning to marry Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) but doesn't think their union will run smoothly

Scott Maslen thinks Jack Branning and Ronnie Mitchell's marriage would be full of drama.

The 'EastEnders' actor can't wait to film a wedding with Samantha Womack - who plays the volatile club boss - but can't imagine the pair will live happily ever after.

He said: "I'd like him to marry Ronnie. And then I'd like Jack to build a panic room to keep Ronnie in! She's a bit of a bunny boiler. She's not well - she's never dealt with the issues from her past.

"A wedding would be fun because I've never had a soap one. I expect there'll be a lot of drama and a bit of philandering.

"Jack and Ronnie are great together. I reckon they'll be one of those bickering old couples like my nan and granddad."

Before they get married, Jack and Ronnie have to deal with impending parenthood, and with the troubled blonde set to break the news she is expecting this week, Scott admits he would "panic" if things started to run smoothly for his alter ego.

He added: "Something has to go wrong with the pregnancy doesn't it? In fact, I think the viewers would be a little bit offended if it didn't and Jack and Ronnie's life became normal, without problems or trauma.

"I always expect the unexpected for them - to be honest, I'd start to panic if everything was hunky dory."

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