Chantelle to tell Preston truth

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  • 10 September 2010
Chantelle Houghton


Big Brother's Chantelle has revealed to housemate Brian she wants to tell ex-husband Preston that she still has feelings for him before they leave the house tonight (10.09.10)

Chantelle wants to tell Preston how she feels about him before they leave the 'Big Brother' house.

The blonde beauty - who met the Ordinary Boys singer in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2004 before the couple went on to marry in 2006 and divorced less than a year later - told fellow housemate Brian she isn't sure if she can confess her true feelings.

She said: "I feel like I should tell him but I can't at this late stage. I just can't, Brian."

However, the 'Big Brother 2' winner warned Chantelle that if she doesn't tell him, it is likely show host Davina McCall will show him clips of her declaring her love in Preston's exit interview this evening (10.09.10).

He advised: "Obviously what would happen is when he goes out there for his interview they may say, 'Oh, maybe you should have a look at this'.

"Maybe just take him aside and say, 'Look, I've had an amazing time and obviously I've been getting a bit upset'. He has to understand. There's no reason why he wouldn't, it's completely logical. You met in here. It's bound to have an effect on you."

Chantelle eventually took her housemate's advice on board, saying although she thinks Preston knows how she feels, she will make it clear to him before they leave this evening.

She explained: "I'm sure he knows how I feel, and even though I've been a bit upset I want him to know. It's only fair. I haven't wanted him to know while we've been in here, but now it's the end."

Meanwhile, the Essex-born star has accounted for almost 31 per cent of all 'Ultimate Big Brother'-related searches via mobile internet portal Orange World.

Only evicted Makosi came close to matching her popularity, with around 29 per cent of searchers seeking news on the outspoken former housemate.

Nikki was placed third, but accounted for just seven per cent of the searches on the internet portal.

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