Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham - album review (4 stars)

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham

Roads Not Travelled (Whirlie Records)


Fiddler Aly Bain and accordionist Phil Cunningham are Scotland’s most celebrated folk duo, and serve up another set of impeccably performed tunes on this new studio disc, their first in four years. They play with a matchless level of understanding, stamped with their customary combination of technical brilliance and expressive depth.

Cunningham has written most of the tunes this time round, including his very popular slow air ‘The Gentle Light That Wakes Me’, always a showstopper in their live set but only now making it to disc, and ‘A Bright Star in Cepheus’, his equally lovely tribute to his late brother, fiddler Johnny Cunningham. They explore a long-standing connection with Canadian and Cajun music in ‘French Canadian Waltz’, and an equally familiar fascination with country and western in a version of Jimmy Rogers’ ‘Rocking the Baby To Sleep’.

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