Emmerdale's new enemies

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  • 9 September 2010
Jason Merrells

Jason Merrells

Emmerdale's Declan Macey and Natasha Wylde are to turn from lovers to enemies as Declan becomes increasingly suspicious his girlfriend is covering for her son Nathan over Ryan's murder

Emmerdale's Declan and Natasha are to become enemies.

While the couple - played by Jason Merrells and Amanda Donohe - are currently an item, their relationship is soon set to turn sour when the business tycoon becomes suspicious that Natasha is covering up for her son Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne), who has been accused of the murder of his half-brother Ryan.

Jason explained: "Declan's convinced she's covering up for Nathan. She insists that Natasha comes clean and tells him what's going on. You see her almost break down and admit the truth but then the barrier goes up again. She denies everything. Declan can't stand it any more and he tells her that their relationship is over."

However, things turn nasty between the pair when Declan becomes determined to win complete control of Home Farm.

He added to Soaplife magazine: "Natasha's always been the driving force in the business but the tables have turned. Natasha's shocked at how cold he suddenly becomes. Instead of her lover, now he's her enemy and he's determined to get exactly what he wants.

"He wants complete control of Home Farm. He wants the Wyldes out and the first thing he does is sack Nathan. Deep down I think he still cares for Natasha but he turns the love into hate."

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