Interpol look sharp for ladies

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 September 2010


Interpol take a lot of time with their image in order to impress women

Interpol take a lot of time with their image to impress women.

The sharply dressed US rock band admit they have always liked to look good onstage and guitarist and vocalist Paul Banks has always dressed up to see bands he's liked.

He said: "I guess we just like to dress nice for the ladies. It's more like a uniform for us. It started for me simply by the fact that when the band began I had a job that I hated and I remember going from work to a gig and thinking that this gig is what means something to me so I'm going to make myself presentable."

He also argued that however a band clothe themselves, it will be perceived as an image, so he feels they should embrace it as much as possible.

He added in an interview with "You've got wear clothes, so you may as well enjoy what you're doing and find clothes that suit you. Fashion is a nice way to communicate things in an artful way.

"If bands are trying to be slouchy or non-fashionable then that in itself a fashion statement."

Interpol's self-titled fourth album is released on September 13 in the UK.


Old warbly voice Paul Banks continues to lead melancholic indie group, Interpol.

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