Preston's 'love' for Chantelle

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  • 7 September 2010
Ultimate Big Brother housemate Preston


'Ultimate Big Brother' housemate Preston has admitted he stormed off 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' - because he loved Chantelle more than being famous

Preston claims he stormed off 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' - because he loved Chantelle so much.

Talking to Vanessa about the time he famously walked off the TV quiz show, Preston admits he was deeply hurt by the comments host Simon Amstell made about his then wife.

Singer Preston said: "If someone makes a hateful comment about your wife and everyone laughs, you just have to get out of the situation.

"She was my wife. I think at that time we were slightly starting to be rocky a little bit, which added to it. My love for Chantelle was higher than my self promotion or whatever."

Radio host Vanessa revealed she too had tried to laugh off "incredibly upsetting" jokes when she appeared on the show.

Preston and Chantelle met during 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2006, and married later that year. However, their relationship quickly broke down and they were divorced within a year.

Housemates now believe the former lovers could reunite after spending so much time together in the house.

Chantelle has even invited Preston - who has a girlfriend - to her mum's house to visit their pet dogs within days of leaving the show.

The former couple bought the two Chihuahuas - Babygirl and Beetlejuice - when they were married, but have lived with Chantelle since they separated.

Chantelle said: "You should come and see the dogs on Sunday. Come to my mum's."

Preston replied: "Yeah that'll be cool! Maybe, yeah."

Later yesterday evening (06.09.10) Preston admitted his divorce to Chantelle was "still raw" - after his ex-wife broke down in tears when quizzed about it by Vanessa during a task.

He explained to Ulrika: "I don't know if it's unresolved, or it's anything to do with closure or anything like that.

"I think it's more the fact, just the feeling, and I definitely feel it too, thinking back to when it felt so invincible and positive, and then to now, knowing how it ended..."

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