Victor fails Tree task

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 September 2010


'Ultimate Big Brother' housemate Victor has failed a secret task set by the Tree of Temptation to discover what his housemates really think of each other

Victor has failed a secret task set by the Tree of Temptation.

The 'Big Brother 5' contestant is set to face the wrath of the evil Tree later today (06.09.10), after he failed to secretly record his fellow housemates talking about why they don't like each other.

Earlier today the Tree gave him a dictaphone and told him he must speak with each of his TV pals about the problems they have had with other housemates and record the conversation without raising their suspicions.

After recording Preston, Ulrika and Brian successfully - when they seemingly realised he was taking part in a mysterious challenge - he struggled to convince Chantelle to spill the beans.

She said: "I don't want to play this game."

As Victor desperately tried to convince his 'Ultimate Big Brother' housemates to talk to him, he eventually lost his temper with Vanessa when she asked if he was taking part in a secret task.

He ranted: "How many secret tasks have there been in this show? If someone comes and asks you an obvious question, do I have to wave this dictaphone around and make it obvious?

"That might be the worst handling of a secret task in BB history! I knew the moment I got the task I was going to fail it."

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