UBB housemates want Brian win

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  • 6 September 2010
Brian Dowling

UBB housemate Brian

'Big Brother' star Brian has been hailed as the likely and most ''deserving'' winner of the 'Ultimate Big Brother' by housemates Victor and Nick

'Big Brother' star Brian has been hailed as the likely winner of the 'Ultimate Big Brother'.

Housemates Victor and Nick were filming an episode of their fictional show 'Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin' in the nest, they were asked who would win.

The close pals believe the camp housemate was the most "deserving", if they couldn't choose themselves to be crowned the winner.

Victor said: "I know we take the mick out of him... but Brian is deserving. He's the front-runner. Either us guys or Brian should win. There's f**k all else going on to be honest, apart from whingeing."

Nick also believes former 'Big Brother' lovebirds Preston and Chantelle - who married and divorced after their time in 'Celebrity Big Brother' house - were likely winners.

'Big Brother 1' star Victor said: "Chantelle is lovely, she's pretty... but will they get back together? I don't know. I'd like to see her win because I don't think she wants to... I've seen no bad side to her."

Earlier in the evening, Brian told the group he had been given a secret task last week.

The Tree of Temptation had given him one hour to make three of his housemates admit to thinking they were the most famous person in the house, and would win cocktails if he completed it.

He told the disbelieving group last night (05.09.10): "I swear to God. I had to do something. It was the night when I kept saying 'Oh, wouldn't we like cocktails?' But I had to get people to say something."

After being asked by Victor if it was the Tree, Brian nodded, before smiling and confessing it had been rude to him, calling him a "Trolley Dolly".

Victor and Nick, meanwhile, later agreed during a late night conversation on the sofa that they got on with everyone in the house.

Victor said: "I don't think anyone has s*****d us off. All they would say is them two are always scheming and plotting."

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