Pete Bennett chats to UBB ex

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  • 3 September 2010
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Pete Bennett

'Big Brother 7' winner Pete Bennett spoke to the 'Big Brother' house today (03.09.10) and make his ex-girlfriend Nikki his personal assistant for the day

Pete Bennett spoke to the 'Big Brother' house today (03.09.10) - and made Nikki his personal assistant.

The 'Big Brother 7' winner - who had a relationship with the bubbly starlet when they were in the compound together - spoke to his former lover through an intercom, where she begged him to enter the show for real.

The housemates woke this morning to see a desk and typewriter set up in the house, with a note that said "Listen to Mr. Bennett on the intercom."

An excited Nikki gasped: "I think I'm taking orders off of him!"

After brushing her teeth, the petite housemate rushed over to the intercom to speak with her ex-boyfriend.

He said: "About bloody time too!

"Press one now and I'll enter the 'Big Brother' house... no I'm only joking."

She begged: "Oh no, please come in."

Although he said he couldn't, she was thrilled to speak with her former housemate.

Reading the note from Big Brother, she said: "Today Nikki will be a high powered personal assistant to 'Big Brother 7' winner Pete Bennett. Pete has a very busy day today and can occasionally be very busy and demanding. To complete her part of the shopping task she must perform a series of designated tasks. Nikki will be provided with a desk she must sit at unless Pete has ordered her to perform a task."

Nikki's first instruction was to write her column for the News of the World newspaper, and then told to squeeze some oranges to provide Pete with a fruity drink.

However, Nikki may have her wish to be reunited with Pete come true after all, as an 'Ultimate Big Brother' spokesperson has revealed a new housemate will be entering the compound tonight (03.09.10).

Although the identity of the new contestant is being kept secret, rumours include Pete, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Alex Reid, Sam Pepper, and Pete Burns.

The new housemate is set to enter shortly after the housemates face a shock double eviction, with Chantelle, Makosi, Nadio, Nick and Ulrika facing the boot.

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