Molly Dobbs' labour fury

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 September 2010
Vicky Binns

Coronation Street actress Vicky Binns

'Coronation Street' character Molly Dobbs is set to almost reveal her secret affair with Kevin Webster, as she goes into labour with the help of his wife Sally Webster

Molly Dobbs almost reveals her affair with Kevin Webster - as his wife Sally delivers her baby.

The heavily-pregnant 'Coronation Street' character - who is unsure whether the tot belongs to her husband Tyrone Dobbs or is from her fling with Kevin - is furious when her waters break and her spouse, played by Alan Halsall, is nowhere to be found.

Actress Vicky Binns revealed: "Molly shouts at Kevin and tells him never to come near her again - she really lets rip! He doesn't know what to do with himself, and just flaps around in the background. M

olly's completely out of control, and Kevin is terrified that she's going to reveal the truth about their affair.

"As you can imagine, she's in a right old panic because her contractions are coming thick and fast. They try to get hold of Tyrone, but he's been called out on a breakdown and they can't find him. Molly really can't stand the sight of Kevin, and Sally is just irritating her. She wants to get away from both of them - but Sally insists on helping out."

Tensions worsen as Molly launches a scathing attack at Kevin, whilst Sally is in the room.

Molly explained: "She puts it down to Molly's hormones, I think. Apparently, a lot of women get very aggressive during labour, and Molly completely loses it. All of her normal barriers are down and she could say anything in the heat of the moment. Sally has to deliver the baby and does a fantastic job - and then Tyrone turns up right at the end of things."

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